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Blue Bubbles Art Corset

DSC07854Mila bought a black and white art corset the previous summer and wore it tramping around Europe, falling into pools and gutters… wore it till the fabric disintegrated! She said people were always asking her where she got it, and she wanted another one to wear on her next European vacation.

She liked blue, and I had a DSP print with blue on a thicker canvas with some circle shapes… yay bubbles!




Victorian Brocade Upcycled Couch Corset

I found this fabric in a fripperie in Pointe St Charles neighbourhood of Montreal called “Madame Prend Conge” which translates to “Lady takes leave”. It sounds very old. Something a Victorian lady might say… but being an organization for helping women, in the middle of a rather poor neighbourhood… I guess it is supposed to be an encouraging statement similar to “you go girl!”.

Anyhow, it seemed to me like a lady had donated her entire fabric stash which included a bunch of antique cushions, drapery, and even couches that were torn apart. I took a bunch of it with the intention of making romantic ruffle skirts and corsets… maybe I had been watching too much Game of Thrones?

So this corset, which I started and then stopped… went to work at an upholstery studio for 6 months… and when I came out of there felt I could do a better job of matching up the pattern of the fabric. I ripped the whole thing apart and re-cut it, and did it again. Considering it is very old and brocade likes to move around a lot, and I didn’t back the fabric with any stabilizer or anything, it turned out pretty nice.

I posted photos on facebook and it was sold almost immediately.

Alien Skin Corset

alienskin-corset-kylaThis corset top was made with a sample of fabric I picked up in Toronto. It is a printed faux fur… not really sure what it’s called. But I took all the guy had and have not seen anything like it since.

I made this reversible corset and a matching aviator hat, and one other cropped corset (no photo), and some bracelets. Wish I could find more of this fabric!

The grommets in the back were replaced and I added grommets on the top/front to attach the hat. I gave it to my sister Kyla for her birthday to wear to Burning Man 2011. She has worn it every summer since.



In January I decided to jump on the bandwagon and cash in on people’s insecurities… did you stick to your new year’s resolution to get skeletal? on the no-sugar diet with Ellen? if you did, or didn’t… here’s something to highlight your mid section (over or under other wares). Warning! May get you a TV appearance on “What Not to Wear”.