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PRIDE Rainbow Tutu

Been a few years since my sister and I celebrated PRIDE together in Toronto. Such a special PRIDE (in 2015 Gay marriage became legal in the USA!) and I also received my ruffler attachment finally from China… so I went to get some rainbow fabric to make my sister something special to wear (she is my biggest fan!) I wasn’t too impressed with the selection at Fabricville, but I did find a bunch of coloured tulle and figured a tutu would be a good test for this ruffler.

Unfortunately, the ruffler is a piece of junk and it damaged my brand new sewing machine 🙁 le boo!!

Anyhow… the tutu, which is actually shorts, turned out amazing! And Kyla rocked the shit out of it!

Denim Patchwork Dress

I don’t remember where I got this denim from, but it had a slight stretch to it… which is why when I tried to make a box cushion cover for my couch with it that it didn’t work at all. This was before I was working at the upholstery shop where I learned that upholstery fabric is stiff and not stretchy for very good reason. It looks like crap. SO… despite all of it being cut already for cushions, I managed to scrap it together to make this skirt. The patchwork style of the skirt inspired by “lagenlook” dresses I’ve been “studying” on pinterest. I finished it just in time for my sister to visit, and of course, I gave it to her… even though it fit me perfectly!

Hockey into Basketball Jersey Band Shirt

McKenzie asked me to change his Hockey Shirt (long sleeves) into a Basketball Jersey (tank top).

Burning Man 2013 Outfits

My lovely sister and her friends went for their second year on the playa and asked me to help with their wardrobes. Two outfits per day, for a week, for 3 girls? plus a tutu and leather vest for her boyfriend? no problem! Unfortunately I was in such a rush that many of the outfits did not get photographed 🙁

I did a couple bloomers with wrap crop top hoodies… and a couple corsets, some wrap skirts, some fun fur (of course)… my favourite piece was a snake fringe collar and leather belt skirt with more snake fringe… it was spectacular! still hoping someday to get a photo of it.

Kyla’s Playa Wear 2012

My sister Kyla is going to Burning Man 2012, her second “burn”, and asked me to help her make a colour coordinated collection of pieces she can mix and match. This is what we came up with this weekend…

  • pink and orange spike faux fur lined bolero with long bell sleeves and orange grommets for attaching satchels and tie-up
  • lavender faux snake skin PVC apron with front pouch and orange grommets, with matching satchel and tie-ups
  • orange satin with geometric embossed design and pink elastic mini bloomers
  • black satin with flower embossed design and green iridescent accented lace mini bloomers (to be worn with green faux fur halter top made last year)
  • orange yoga shorts with extra tall waistband (matching jacket lining, can be worn up to keep tummy warm at night, or folded down like mini skirt in day) including matching orange arm bands and sleeveless mini shrug with pink edges
  • mint green lace short sarouel onesie

How could anyone NOT have fun wearing these!

Flying Pig Pink Sarouel Jumpsuit

Anna chose some pink fabric I had, and wanted a sarouel that she could wear as a jumpsuit. I added a bunch of grommets with a strap that can be worn around the neck or waist. Together we did some screen printed flying pigs and WOW… is it not the cutest little thing EVER!!??!

The photos could be a lot better, with different light, and the neck strap further apart in the front… and needs a photo of her wearing it at the waist. But I think it’s super cute!

I can make one for you too…


On Your Knees All Day Pads

I feel like a whore, working on the floor, all day… pads.

My friend Piotr asked me to help him develop a “new” knee pad for construction workers. The standard strap design he doesn’t like, and the pants with the built in knee pad pockets are expensive, and are not positioned properly for guys who like to wear their pants lower on the hip.

We took some foam knee pads, created a leather and canvas case holder with snap application strips on the side. The top snap has an elastic so that when kneeling there is some pressure ease for the pants.