I’ve been a very loud and loyal supporter of the freetekno movement in Canada since 2002, promoting underground artists and culture by organizing events and assisting freeparty collectives any way I can.

By the time I discovered raves, it was 2001 and the best rave days had passed. Many party goers had become disillusioned and disappointed with the same headliners, at the same venues, with higher and higher ticket prices for shady organizers that seemed to care less and less… there was a lot of complaining on the message boards.

The first freeparty I heard about was a SMERK ;^) party in an old mechanics garage, but I couldn’t convince anyone to go with me and was told I should not go alone. So I didn’t. I was pissed. Then I heard about another one, this time in an undisclosed location… I was definitely not going to miss it!  With a couple of new friends, we met at the map point ;^) and followed him into a dark valley, through a tunnel, up a 40′ hill, over a train bridge, through a hole in the wall…. and into “the water filtration plant”… (this was an EPIC event that I think deserves a whole post to itself… ) and I will actually write about all my freetekno experiences… soon?

After the filtration plant, there was no going back. There was a forest party out by the science centre, and a teknival in the Rouge Valley… every experience was a new adventure, and I met a lot of awesome people, and was invited to join their planning meetings which were once a week at a small pub in Kensington market.

We went on scouting missions, in the middle of winter, in the pouring rain… into every abandoned building in what is now the Liberty Village, and along the Don Valley, and across the city. We did parties in all of them. For Free.

And we made a yurt, on NYE in a football field across the street from my house, in a snow storm. And we duct taped that sucker to the top of a little car and drove it to Scarborough and threw a party, in a snow storm. And we sewed 50 foot tarps with my little domestic sewing machine, on the sidewalk.

Collectives and crews I’ve worked with:

  • Freetekno Toronto
  • Freespace Collective
  • SMERK ;^)
  • Weskodyne Warriors
  • HARDER Bus
  • pin:ksox
  • B:US
  • Neurotik Montreal
  • Heartbeat 960
  • Hardtimes Sound System
  • Abitek

And of course the yearly Canadian teknival : Northtek !! 2015 was our 14th year!