Heartbeat 960

I spent a summer working on Queen St West with a little art collective store called Heartbeat 960 (located 960 Queen St. West). My friend Jodi invited me by saying “I print on used clothing and people buy it!” Sounded like fun to me! So I ditched my apt in Montreal and moved into Jodi’s spare room, and setup my sewing studio in the back of the Heartbeat shop. It was a lot of fun, met a lot of cool people, and yeh actually, people bought stuff!

Setting up window displays was my favourite… put something on a mannequin and for sure someone walking by would spot it and come in and buy it. Happened all the time. I really did not have any clue how to price things, and so really we did not make much money. But it was fun.

We had an open house for Nuit Blanche, and had various local artists and performers come in and do shows… we also hosted some workshops and had a basement with a blackroom setup for photography.


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