Purple and Teal and Blue Snake Patchwork Leather

Purple and Aqua and Blue Snake Leather Patchwork

My neighbour Graziella gave me a bunch of pieces of leather out of her treasure storage… they were so soft and beautiful! Purple, teal, coral pink… she used to make patchwork leather jackets back in the 80’s and was excited to share her stash with me.

I made some bracelets and traded a couple pieces with my friend Karen for other leather… she used it to make super bow tie necklaces. Then I started patchworking some little scraps using the flatlock stitch and coloured thread on my overlock machine. That was at least a year ago… recently I showed it to my sister and she was absolutely crazy about it.

I made her a bralette and skirt a couple years ago with the same blue snake print leather… and so I started adding more scraps to this little patchwork with the intention of adding it to the bottom of her bralette.

This is as far as I’ve got so far… need her to bring me the bralette and skirt so I can use more pieces of the skirt. Still have some more purple and teal, and


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