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Victorian Brocade Upcycled Couch Corset

I found this fabric in a fripperie in Pointe St Charles neighbourhood of Montreal called “Madame Prend Conge” which translates to “Lady takes leave”. It sounds very old. Something a Victorian lady might say… but being an organization for helping women, in the middle of a rather poor neighbourhood… I guess it is supposed to be an encouraging statement similar to “you go girl!”.

Anyhow, it seemed to me like a lady had donated her entire fabric stash which included a bunch of antique cushions, drapery, and even couches that were torn apart. I took a bunch of it with the intention of making romantic ruffle skirts and corsets… maybe I had been watching too much Game of Thrones?

So this corset, which I started and then stopped… went to work at an upholstery studio for 6 months… and when I came out of there felt I could do a better job of matching up the pattern of the fabric. I ripped the whole thing apart and re-cut it, and did it again. Considering it is very old and brocade likes to move around a lot, and I didn’t back the fabric with any stabilizer or anything, it turned out pretty nice.

I posted photos on facebook and it was sold almost immediately.