ugly bags for beautiful people

ok so I’ve been “working” on this bag idea for ages now, well ok a month. I acquired a bunch of old vinyl beanbag chair covers (dollar-bag sale score again) and cut them up saving the zippers and as much area fabric as possible.


the colours are not too terrible, muted red, blue, and orange with some cool fading and discoloured spots. personally I love blue and orange together, don’t know why, I never wear it, but I like looking at it.

I started out just sewing random bits together. that was great fun but ended up with a big patchwork thing with no specific shape or idea what it had become.

the plan was a hip bag pattern from scratch… so at least I tried. after pages and pages of sketches, tests with pieces of newspaper, pattern paper pieces, and a pile of failed attempts at gusseted pockets… I got almost half-way with this one:

IMG_0744 IMG_0741

…but my sewing machine couldn’t handle 6 layers of vinyl to finish it.

So feeling a little discouraged, I figured I’d make a couple bags using a pattern to strengthen my skills and feel like I accomplished something.

IMG_0732 IMG_0731 IMG_0724

not that pretty… I used fabric I didn’t want to save for something else… well except for the multicolour one, that’s from an old tshirt and a pair of stretch denim short shorts that I’m sure the world can do without. but I made three in two days and now feel a little more productive. and, the hip bag pattern has a fresh start.

I picked up some snaps, buckles, and eyelets today with money from selling some other junk, so I’ve got everything to make 10 or more belts next week.

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